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What really makes Mount Desert Island unique is the amazing number of mountains, lakes, ponds, harbors, and islands packed into and around an island only 10 miles in diameter. Unlike the grand spacious national parks of the west, Acadia's unusual geological formations rise up out of the ocean, gracing this small island with a plethora of natural attractions, views, and wonders that reveal themselves at each bend in the road and trail. Somes Sound, the only fjord on the U.S. east coast, runs up the center of the island giving it an upside down "lobster claw" shape. Acadia's Park Loop Road is one of the country's most scenic drives with numerous points of interest which make it the undisputed "center piece" MDI attraction.

Mount Desert Island's mountains, ocean, and lakes support a wide range of recreational opportunities including hiking, mountain climbing, sightseeing, swimming, boating, fishing, water sports, biking, horseback riding, dining, bird watching, and more. The list of attractions and activities seems a bit like the Eveready Bunny, it just keeps going, and going, and going...

To help you zero in on the best area attractions and activities, we have assembled a set of local information links that we hope you will find useful when searching for interesting area for activities.

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Acadia Magic Home and Attractions, Photos pages The home page has a very comprehensive set of links although depth of the content is not deep. Bottom line, you can learn a bit about a lot. The number and variety of links quite comprehensive. The photos are professional and impressive. Acadia Maps Acadia PDF and JPG Maps The PDF map zooms in great and shows the major trails and mountains. The jpg looks great even showing the the fold in paper captured in the photograph.
NPS Acadia
207 288-3338
The National Park Service's official Acadia site with photo gallery.
The National Park Service's detailed Acadia information, trip, planning, entrance fees and other information>
Anemone Cave Hidden gem This sea cave is for the more adventurous and is off the first turnout (The Overlook) on the park loop road. Wear good climbing shoes and plan to be there near low tide. This Park treasure has been removed from their literature for years to protect the cave floor sea life from excessive foot traffic.
Diver Ed Dive-In Theater
An neat, alternative way to experience Acadia's Ocean Habitat Great for kids and adults alike. Ranger lead tours are more adult focused. This is a great way to see Acadia ocean sites above and below the waterline.
Island Explorer Bus
207 667-5796
Free! A rare value - a free bus service. Unfortunately no bus route goes by Northern Neck Road. Closest access is Somesville.
Acadia Baby Outfitters
207 266-3210
Cribs, car seats, strollers, toys etc. for rent A nice service for people who are traveling light but with young children.
Acadia Repertory Theatre
207 244-7260
Live Theater " just around the bend" The theater is located in Somesville, just a few minutes down the road. It is very popular, quality theater that is and reasonably priced. They typically show 4 productions over the summer with a morning performance that caters to kids.
Beech Mountain Trail Two short hikes with great views that you can to take from Beech Hill Road near Top O' The Ridge Going east from the Beech Cliff parking area to cliffs that offer a amazing views of Echo lake below. The trail to the northwest side of the Beech Cliff parking area and forks in 0.1 mi. The trail to the north (right) is the longer trail at about a 1 mi. It provides a beautiful view of Long Pond before heading up to the summit. The trail to the left fork climbs more steeply to the summit of Beech Mountain in about .6 miles. Bring binoc's - Can you spot Top O' The Ridge from the summit?

Tall ship "Margaret Todd" charter heading out of Bar Harbor

Two tall ship charter siliing vessel.

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